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awright_gay's Journal

I'm a slasher! I must be stopped!
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Hallo to you!

Welcome to awright_gay - A slash community for Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Spaced.... and anything else involving the delectable Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Edgar Wright and Peter Serafinowicz.

We're a bit new, so - not to come across as a bit of a nazi, but there are a few rules to joining this here community so please bear them in mind, or the mods shall have you for breakfast, bitches.


1. Flaming, drama and bitch fights will NOT be tolerated - Anyone found instigating that kind of crap will be out of the door faster than a cat on fire. Be told.

2. Long pictures and posts under an LJ-CUT tag, thank you please.

3. Make sure your fics come with the basic info - Pairing, Warnings if neccasary, brief summary... you get the drift. You've all done this before, right?

4. Spell Check is your friend ♥ - We're not grammar fascists, but at least make it readable, okay? Don't hurt my eyes - I'll come after you with a bit of wood.

5. This community will contain items of a slashy nature - if you don't like that kind of thing, then what the fuck are you doing here, eh?!

7. RPS (Real Person Slash) is allowed and encouraged - Those who are squicky about that kind of thing should probably shield their delicate little eyes. Bless.

6. Please make sure all your entries are Friends Only - Your modly mod cannot afford to get sued, my friends.

5. Most importantly of all - Have fun!


This comm was built out of frustration at the lack of Spaced/HotFuzz/SOTD etc. Slashiness on the intarweb - Since then, I have discovered fregg_love - Specifically for Si/Nick love - so therefore you should go join there, too. Double the fun!


The stories within this community are nothing more than fiction, and do not claim to be an accurate description of the person(s) depicted. Please don't sue us. ;)