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Title: Your Wildest Dreams
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nicholas/Danny
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This is my first attempt at a substantially longer story featuring these guys (as all of my previous efforts have been on the briefer end of the spectrum). The idea, however, has been floating around my flat for at least a few weeks. A little bit of codeine and a long Sunday lie-in finally made it click. Also note that the phrase in hospital is not missing a word - Brits cut the from this phrase altogether!
Summary: Fantasies are only dangerous when you start wishing they'll come true.

(It was the worst subject they could've got onto, but Danny didn't know it at the time.)


Mmm, I'm sorta-kinda back and getting back to writing. :) Anyone wanna take a crack at beta reading a quick bit of Shaun/Ed smut?

I promise I'm not really good at grammar and occasionally just flat out mis-type. This piece is short, smutty and probably a tiny bit of a departure for those used to my style.

It's also a challenge response for the Porn Battle over on IJ.

Many hugs and much love in advance. One way or another, the piece will be posted to my fic journal and over here after the deadline for the challenge has passed. :)
Title: Adjustments
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nick/Danny
Rating: PG-13/R
Notes: This piece follows Perfection; I thought it was time to switch over from sounding out first-times to choosing one of said first-times and building on it. Of the three I'd turned out, I thought that Perfection presented the best platform for continuation - so there you have it. I realized that the orchid and the reference to Danny's boxes had potentially opened up some quirky domestic possibilities (unless I've misjudged; in which case, feel free to tell me which one actually deserved a sequel). Where all the various sub-sections of Perfection were from Danny's point of view, I think it's fitting that this one should be comprised entirely of Nick's.
Summary: People, plants, and boxes make for cramped quarters indeed.

(Especially when you're downsizing from two flats to one.)
Title: At First Sight
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nick/Danny
Rating: R/NC-17
Notes: As something of a departure from my previous two pieces (When to Stop & Perfection), this story is one that actually reaches back into the fabric of the film for certain of its scenes and situations. As you can probably guess, it's a sequence of firsts for these guys - some of them more meaningful than others.
Summary: The importance of little things can take a good while to sink in.

(Nick made a mental note to ask about that first, although the hedgehog would also need explaining.)
Title: Perfection
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nick/Danny
Rating: R
Notes: God help me, but those reporters and their irrelevant questions are kind of intriguing. Like my first piece, this is a stand-alone, first-time story. But since When to Stop is from Nick's perspective, I figured I'd better do this one from Danny's.
Summary: What's your idea of a perfect...?

(Anything that's fit to print.)
Title: When to Stop
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Pairing: Nick/Danny
Rating: R/NC-17
Notes: At this point, I can't keep track of what-all is going on in my head. I really can't. Saw the film for the first time earlier this evening - or, no, at this point, it's yesterday evening. Might as well get this out of my system. In my mind, this is set more or less immediately post-film, but you can place it post-canon wherever you will.
Summary: Discovering the extent of one's limits is never an easy process.

(Awkward doesn't even begin to cover it.)
From the first episode of The Peter Serafinowicz Show (Thurs. 9:30, BBC2)

Har har, I bring you a colorbar.


I just joined up (so glad to find a slashy community dedicated to Simon, Edgar, and Nick) and bring you a colorbar as a peace offering.

Colorbar, awright?Collapse )

Also, I've just posted some slashy screencaps from the Hot Fuzz U.S. Tour Diary over at my journal.

May. 9th, 2007

I made Danny/Nicholas music video last night that I thought you guys might like to see. It's EXTREMELY spoilery so if you haven't seen the movie I wouldn't watch it. 

  Hope you guys like it.

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